Pleasure reading (part 2)

Hello from John Tyree!

Well, I came back home. Something has changed. What should I do now?…

After the Army, I met Savannah..And I think I fell in love with her..I wondered whether she was thinking about me as much as I was thinking about her. Why was I so stupid? What was happened with me?

Firstly, I need to change my lifestyle, my mind, my habits..
Another one thing that was really important for me was a necessity to improve my relationship with my father. What did I do wrong? Why he was so apethetic to me.. 
All my changes were special because of her. She was a smart, unusual, nice and pretty young woman. And,so, I need to be appropriate for her. It was not a good idea to be a bad guy. She didn’t appreciated it. I need to improve myself..

And the last question.. what does it mean to truly love another?

I’ll think about it..