Yes, You Are a Part of the Problem. And You Sound Like a Creep.
Allison Bedford

“Rapiamus, amici, occasionem de die!” — Julius Caesar.

Our English word “rape” comes from the Latin verb “rapere”, meaning literally, “to grab”.

Either grabbing other people’s bodies, bling-bling, and land, is okay.

Or it’s very bad.

Electoral politics has become ugly, because it attempts to dictate to people, what they may keep from some grabby hands, and what they must share with other grabby hands.

My Caesar quote was something he said to a group of men with swords, encouraging them to grab everything that belonged to some people and to stab to death anyone who resisted the grabbing. He proved that day, that war is a highly-efficient means of redistributing wealth from the dead to the living, purely on the basis of who kills whom in the fight. And he also proved that the women and children who surrendered themselves to those men, could be forced into sex acts by any man with a sword, who wanted some sex after the killing was done. Many of them were led away and put to work as slaves in the men’s homes. Because the men grabbed them, the men with swords now owned them, for Caesar said this was so and the men with swords agreed to it.

Elections give us the privilege to grab other people’s junk, if we’re crass enough to take it. Exactly like Caesar’s words gave the men with swords, permission to rape a village full of people.

That doesn’t make the victim of the grabbing any better off.

This is why libertarians only vote in self-defense. It is never acceptable to vote for the grabbing of other people’s stuff, by force.

Peaceable people ask for what they want. And walk away, when told they cannot have what they want.

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