While Everyone Frets About State Censorship, Corporate Censorship Tightens The Noose
Caitlin Johnstone

While I like agree with most of your article today, I have to disagree with these statements. “The US government isn’t about to start censoring speech. It will not happen.” The government has been and continues to censor speech, including what we read and see through the media. There is a picture of a 1957 editorial cartoon on the wall of the National Press Club, bemoaning government censored news with the caption, “Read almost all about it.”

Here is an example of an unashamed and blatant policy statement endorsing censorship by the government. As published by the FDA in the Federal Register on June 1, 1984, and referring to the live polio vaccine, “Doubts as to the safety of the vaccine, whether or not well founded, cannot be allowed to exist in view of our objective that the vaccine is used to the maximum extent possible.” This is now the de facto policy for every vaccine. Any censorship by the government and particularly the safety concerns of vaccines given to children, is not what Americans deserve from our government.

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