Math: The Election’s Over. Can We Please Move On?
Bill Frischling

Yes, Clinton will almost surely win. There will be more WikiLeaks releases, but WL has permanently harmed its credibility by becoming a vigorous anti-Clinton partisan force. I am told that a new case of statutory rape will be filed against Trump soon and Trump himself hints that there may be more unsavory revelations about his sexual practices. However, I don’t see the Democrats gaining a house majority and I fear that they’ll have only a slim Senate majority, easily filibustered or defeated by peeling off a few conservative Dems. I want something done about climate change, about job losses for the underskilled which will increase as automation/robotics moves forward, about financial predators — sitting back and declaring victory won’t help those causes and will intensify the hatred and suspicion which divides America. Congress will be every bit as eager to block or impeach Hillary as they were with Obama. She may try to parry that by becoming more militaristic (the Clintons are already more militaristic than Obama and more likely to waste money and lives in Middle Eastern military craziness). I hate to see the democratic party congratulating itself as the Republican party disintegrates because I think that they are a barrier to future progress.

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