25 Habits That Will Make You a Writer
Shaunta Grimes

Television is my primary source of inspiration for sure. Focusing on the writing, direction, acting, storyline, lighting, blocking and music have updated my writing skills exponentially. I’m a big Chris Carter fan lately and I love the way his vignettes offer multifarious perspectives of scientific, social and political realms — not to mention the paranormal! ( I also love Rod Serling’s openers and closers). When I watch X-Files mindfully, for example, I keep a pad and pencil handy (shows you how old I am!) and jot down every vocabulary word I don’t know. Carter researches his topics so comprehensively that I learn some pretty top shelf concepts but also how to present them to lay people who, like most folks, want to watch a cool adventure. It’s also interesting to watch newscasters to see how one trims the fat and get to the point with speed and clarity. I will shut up now! :-) Thanks for writing this great article, Ms. Grimes!

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