The Awkward Dance of Parenthood
Jay Armstrong

Been there, done that, on #3 of 3, doesn’t get any easier, then we die… JK!!!

Thanks for the afternoon dad emotion, Jay. My two girls, #1 & 3, have been easier in a number of ways, but my son,#2, breaks my heart from time to time. Never sure when to be dad or an interested bystander, someone forgot to write the book for me or maybe I’m writing as I go? Won’t do me any good, but maybe it will help them… help him. I can only hope so.

I don’t think it’s about the right or wrong way to parent, that’s fairly easy to figure out, but it’s the choice between the right “ways” to parent and timing… freaking timing, and I often find myself a day late, but luckily my kids love and forgive me.

Good luck with yours!!!

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