How to Get a Life When You Hate Your Job
Emerson Dameron

Thank you for the story, Emerson. Not unlike what I’m experiencing, only I’m staring down the barrel at 60… I like the job I do, but hate the conditions under which I have to work. I work for one of those telecom giants who wants me to transform into some new type of worker bee, but I want to transform into a retiree in a few years.

It’s funny how much time and money we/our companies invest in ramping us up the learning curve to become the fine tuned work-producing machines we are, but when it comes time to shift into retirement mode, the switch is flipped and we get a nice little gold watch-nudge over the edge into old age. Isn’t there an easier, less drastic way to slide into the golden age? Possibly a method to reverse engineer my career, ramp it down into a retirement sensible work mode that supports my life needs. Suppose I’m working on that… Cheers!!☺