Just my $.02,
Ted Bendixson

Yes, there are more men than women in the industry. Here is my question, It’s a moral question I think about often because I’m not oblivious to my voice. I am a student from an engineering school with 5:1 male to female ratio, and an art school from 2: 3 ratio in NYC. I’ve seen rallies after ralies and petitions after petitions toward gender and racial movements.

There has been a thought in my mind recently. I’ve been thinking, just because we are the majority, can we not make an inclusive group? Can only minorities create groups such as Asian American Society, Korean American Society, Girls Who Code and Society of Women Engineers? Does the majority have the responsbility to pull everyone up? Why? Is the world equal in the first place? Even if it is, why do we want to win competitions and sports which do not lead to any equal status?

After having thought quite awhile, I’ve decided to do whatever I want. Frist, I write and live primarily for myself first, and then second my readers. My readers can judge. Whether they are influenced by or not, whether my voice is prominent, I don’t mind loosing some of them because I’m not trying to please or capture everyone. this may include some women who are offended by my writing and some men who sense that I’m a sexist.

It’s up to my readers if I objectify women… wait, what does it mean to objective in the first place? But, in my heart, I know one thing. I give high respect to women just like I give to any men. In fact, I’ve stopped watching pornography to show respect within myself.

Putting those images of cute ladies was my way of voicing. Although some may think I’m a goofy guy with bunch of emojis out there, those images were intentional and wanted to see how my readers perceive.

By the way, I’m not sure why some of you think I’m objectifying women. I wonder if that’s how the world truly perceives. Initially I was thinking of putting photos of half naked men. Let’s see if the stat goes up because my readers are smart enough that, and based on the number, they don’t come just for the photo… I will try with male photos next time! I will let you know :)

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