Too stubborn to try

My uncle was visiting the other day when my FreshDirect order arrived. He couldn’t believe it when I told him it was an online supermarket that delivered to my door. It wasn’t the technological breakthrough or ease of use that astonished him. No-instead it was the fact that I was using such a service in the first place

But what about seeing the food, and actually going to the supermarket?? I could never order my food — the actual things I put in my own body — from a virtual place

I started listing the numerous advantages. It was faster, more convenient, actually more enjoyable since I didn’t have to sift around and lug things home. Our back and forth finally got him to this…

Well I need the social aspect of the supermarket. It’s important to meet new people

This is obviously a last-ditch effort to cling on to his initial thought of how this was a ludicrous service. Now, faced with the obvious superiority of ease and convenience, his logic went into a place that is ludicrous to me. I’ve never valued my supermarket interactions so much as to consider it a social moment, and he probably didn’t either. He just couldn’t let go of the way he’s always done things.

Today I wasted time searching Beijing for a soccer shirt with a friend of mine. My girlfriend, from Beijing, suggested we purchase it online. She buys everything here from taobao like the millions of other beijinger so do. In 10 seconds she has a list of 100s of shirts with different designs, all offering same day delivery.

No, I need to see the shirt. I want to know what I’m buying

Here, again I was faced with the same ignorance as my uncle. Technology has given us new tools but there is still a group of people too stubborn to step out of what they always did. And you need to accept that. Too often I find that you will receive nothing but negative response when you try to educate. If someone wants to adapt they will…you weren’t the first person to show them these new tools. You’ll waste your time…but maybe you’ll enjoy seeing how much more convenient things are now after wasting 4 hours hunting for something and ultimately leaving with an inferior product (we found one design that was so ugly he decided to only buy for his friends saying he would never wear it himself)

Don’t complain, accept that evolution and adaptation comes from within. Just make sure that when its your time to be the older guy, keep an open mind

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