These 12 websites from the 90s show how useless the early internet was
Stephanie Buck

Know that the “Internet” wasn’t created for multi-media, marketing or personal information harvesting. The internet was created to share information. In that regard, the internet of the ‘90’s was awesome. There were no painful ads users were forced to watch. If you wanted information — which is what myself and other tech brethren used it for — it was just there; not buried behind pointless pages of Viagra adds, no paywalls, subscriptions or needing to watch 30 seconds of advertisement before 10 seconds of useful “how-to”.

Needed to know the dip switch settings on an obscure serial card? It was there. free

Needed drivers for a NIC you found in the back room? Someone had them. — free

Needed the config settings for an offer server — someone had done it and would share with you — freely.

Quite the contrary, for us tech people, the 90’s was the golden and beautiful age of the internet. It was before marking and media stole it. We had the ability to directly connect with the godz of wisdom where they would freely dump their brains for the rest of us to learn.

Just because there was no interface for the lame of intellect to share pictures of every single smile, lunch or toothbrush and “like” everything their friends did, didn’t make the internet back then suck, it made it better. It was pure and wondrous.

Your article is just another ignorant millennial flapping about things they don’t understand who believes that pretty is always better. Go back to your Kardashian stalking and stop talking about things you are clearly unworthy of appreciating.