Hello followers and friends and welcome to our first Medium post of 2021! 🎉 We could not be more excited for what this year has in store for the future of #AR, #VR, and for our company.

If you’ve been following BadVR on Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram, you know by now that we’re a team of curious, free thinking, geeky, mavericks who blend a passion for data and immersive analytics with a love of the arts, innovation, and exploration!

Today we would like to introduce you to Justin Chow, one of our newest team members. Justin’s unique path through life has taken him all over the planet as an explorer, activist, teacher, and engineer. He’s our own verifiable “renaissance man!” We’re thrilled to have Justin on our team and decided to kick off this year by sitting down with him to learn more about his history and world view. …


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