Writing about what might drive you to murder.

More posts than I can count recommend quick writing exercises — like writing about what might drive you to murder in 5 minutes — as a reliable way of breaking through writer’s block. But is that really true?

Lots of claims are made online: there’s water on Mars (True!), The Pope met with Kim Davis (True, but why?), an iPhone user unknowingly racked up a $17,000 cellphone bill after installing iOS 9 (False).

But before we at TheRightMargin start recommending writing exercises to our users, we wanted to put this to the test. Which writing prompts best ‘unstick’ you in your current flow? When are they most helpful? Least helpful?

So we concocted a set of quick writing exercises to choose from using Google Forms as an experiment. If you write, please try our 5 minute exercise. Early prototyping to get at actual ways we can help our users become happier, more productive writers, is a key part of our startup’s philosophy.

I’ll post how people feel (but not the content of what they wrote) in a couple of weeks here and here: maybe with your help we can move writing exercises from the ‘Untested’ to ‘Reliable’ internet column.

So, if you’re intrigued with the whole idea of quick writing exercises, here’s you’re official Call To Action: Pick one here and take a micro fun five minute writing vacation!