A Tui Na Story

Dr Deng Min Ling

This is my Tui Na teacher Dr. Deng. He’s approaching his 70’s now and is the baddest Tui Na man on the planet. He still works 8–10 hours doing Tui Na massage at the hospital I interned at.

Tui na massage was the first tcm modality I learned. Acupuncture is and always will be my passion. However, Tui Na is more like my first love. We don’t see each other very often anymore but I never forget it. It gave me a good foundation for points on the body because it’s such a physical art form.

There’s a saying that goes: “Every master was once a disaster.”

I can honestly say I was a complete disaster. I just arrived in China and had some trouble adapting to the culture and learning. One of my professors just flat out told me I was just wasn’t meant for this type of work. I was very disappointed since I had just decided to leave everything back home in America, closed my bank accounts and go all in on Chinese Medicine.

One night, after my shift was over while strolling past Dr. Deng’s clinic, he invited me in and asked me how things were. I told him not so well and explained why. He pointed over to one of his top students working on a patient (this kid was literally half my size and thin as rails) and explained to me Tui na was all about proper technique and leverage rather than strength.

For the next few months I studied and learned everything I could from him. According to him, Tui Na is an exchange of energy and a form of healing communication between practitioner and patient.

I look back now and think of how he always lit up the room with his smile for everyone no matter how long a day it was. I also think of where I’d be if I never walked past his clinic that day.

Lesson of the day: If a teacher or mentor ever tells you your not good enough for something, its time to just get a new teacher.

Dr. Deng Guangzhou, 2005.
Dr. Deng Guangzhou, 2005.

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youtube Vid HERE

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