Reince Priebus: The @GOP’s Lemming-in-Chief
Reed Galen

“Imagine Jeb Bush or John Kasich running without having to deal with debates or primaries or caucuses. Imagine a Ben Sasse being able to spread his message of conservatism, real conservatism, around the country to voters looking for a better option.”

And that is the problem, you think Bush, Kasich and Sasse represent real conservatism and the “better option” that we should be looking to in the future. They are at best moderates and establishment candidates that spawned the phenomenon that resulted in Trump. Without a doubt any of them would be far more preferable to Trump, but that is like saying eating garbage from a dumpster is better than consuming nuclear waste. The former is surely less toxic, but still not something that should be held up as a healthy viable alternative. If we are truly going to move conservatism forward, we need real non-establishment conservatives, like Ted Cruz, at the top of the ticket in 2020, not more social moderates and establishment hacks.

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