Stop Trying to Flip Female Trump Supporters
Jessica Valenti

I feel sorry for them and us. Most of them haven’t had the benefit of an education that might open their eyes to other possibilities. But, I’m not making excuses for their stupidity. I have some women friends who are Republican and not rich. I understand the rich trying to preserve their wealth but if you are not rich, there’s little advantage to vote for a party who doesn’t care about you.

I wish we could do away with labels. They just serve to divide us. A person running for office should not be judged by whether they are a Democrat or a Republican but by the platform they run on. That would force people to actually look at that platform and they couldn’t blindly vote for their party.

Also, DeSantis not necessarily going to be the next governor of Florida. There are still votes being counted. However, Gov Scott will try to stop that, no conflict of interest there.