Democrats: Free at last

Obama was just as bad as Hillary Clinton. He won in 2012 only because he was the lesser of the 2 evils. Romney looks good now compared to Trump. The only good thing Obama did was ACA which will be repealed by the Republicans controlling our government. Who can say if anything will replace it.

I was very sick and tired of the media double standard. Let’s grill every aspect of Hillary Clinton, her emails, her server, her speaking fees, the Clinton Foundation, every decision that Obama made for foreign policy that she implemented. Yes, let’s go over that with a fine tooth comb. But, let’s look the other way when it comes to Trump. The Trump Foundation did more illegal activity but let’s not look at them. Trump will definitely be combining business with running the country. The clue with him should have been when he refused to submit his tax returns. Yet, the dum-dums of America still voted this jackass in. I guess Americans are fine with a TV star who enjoys abusing women. I guess white men are living through him since many of them do not have that luxury.

His election will be the end of democracy for America. So, all of you who voted for him or 3rd party, hope you like the outcome. I know I will not like the outcome. One just has to look at his cabinet picks to know screwed America is. We would have been better off going with the lesser of the 2 evils, Hillary and reform the Democratic party in the future.

There’s not going to be time to reform the Democatic party because we will be too busy fighting every thing that Trump tries to take away from us.

The main reform for America is to get rid of the electoral college. Hillary is currently ahead in popular vote by 1.5 million votes so she should be president. No wonder so many people don’t bother to vote because your for president doesn’t count.

Be careful what you wish for.