Let Me Remind You Fuckers Who I Am
Hillary Clinton [parody]

The parody was great.

After reading a few of these responses, all I can say is it’s tough to soar like an eagle when you are dragged down by turkeys. Just so we’re clear, Hillary is the eagle and all of you are the turkeys. And, I’m being nice calling you turkeys. I have another, more fitting animal, in mind. Really, I think I saw some of the same shit on yahoo this morning.

All of you Hillary bashers must be planning for vote for Trump. He certainly has your best interests at heart if your best interest is to roll around naked in your money and make sure the government doesn’t get any of it.

She is more qualified than any candidate in recent history and yeah, she’s made mistakes, she is actually human, not sure what Trump is, I’m thinking a little orange man from another galaxy.

The Republican party has done everything possible to ensure Hillary is not elected and yet, she is still standing. And, those of you who call her a crook, let’s see some evidence. I’m tired of people parroting shit they read or hear without any proof.

I think many of the white men in this country can’t stand a strong woman because most of them are hen-pecked at home.

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