Vacation Rentals in Bocas Del Toro by JIM AND FRIDA

Are you are looking to take a break from your daily routine and immerse in the lap of nature? Then why not visit a calm and peaceful place like Bocas Del Toro! There are numerous vacation rentals in Bocas Del Toro. There are many people who travel to Panama from the farthest corners of the world and enjoy a peaceful holiday trip.

When we are emphasizing about vacation, you will also love to know the facilities which you are going to get. We offer accommodations on rent. You can book them for days, weeks and months as well. We are managers JIM AND FRIDAfrom Bocas Condos Rentals and we bring to you the services offered by us. Through this article we will walk you through all types of accommodations we have for you. This will help you make an image in your imaginations of this place. We request you to keep your expectations high because you are going to find more than you can imagine.

Types of Accommodations

We offer a wide variety of accommodation facilities and that too at an affordable rate. Let us walk you through. We will also tell you the prices and the facilities you are going to get with us.

15 Studio Apartment Water View 3rd Floor Left Side

This is a studio apartment where you get the best water view from a large balcony area.You can spend time enjoying coffee in the balcony itself. We have a table placed for you. It is an accommodation on 3rd floor in the left-hand side of the apartment. This accommodation is available at a cost of $60.00 per night.


· Laundry Available,

· Maid Service Every Days

· Broadband internet,

· WIFI Internet, Color TV,

· Direct TV

13 One Bedroom Second Floor Right Side

More or less all the rooms that we are going to list have the similar facilities. The main difference lies with the types of services and pricing. So we have listed the services below. This accommodation is available only at a mere expense of $75.00.


· Laundry Available,

· Maid Service Every 1 Day

· Broadband internet,

· WIFI Internet, Color TV,

· Direct TV

· Free Telephone to US & Canada

14 Studio Apartment Second Floor Right Side

One of the best budget oriented studio apartment falling under vacation rentals in Bocas Del Toro. At the price of only $60.00 per night, you will get amazing view of the surroundings from the balcony as well as exceptional services. Let us list down the facilities for you.


· Laundry Available,

· Maid Service Every Days

· Broadband internet,

· WIFI Internet,

· Color TV,

· Direct TV

We also have studio apartments in the first floor. All the accommodations are available at the cost of $60.00per night. The services are similar to those you can find for the studio apartments in 2nd floor. Let us now give you a glimpse of the features that will boost up your motivation and imagination.


1st Floor: Lower right-hand side, large open area with coffee table to accommodate up to 3 persons

2nd Floor: 2nd-floor balcony, right-hand side of a building, large balcony area with coffee table and chairs.

3rd Floor: Water view, large balcony area with coffee table, 3rd floor, left-hand side.

· Full cable TV and internet

· Ocean Scenic View

· Landscape and Town: Surrounding Views

· Queen Size Bed

· Furnished

· Orthopedic Mattresses

· Balcony and Patios

· Patio Table and Chairs

· Gas or Electric Barbecue Grill

· Kitchen

· Counters and Bar Stools

· Dining Tables and Chairs

· Refrigerator, Microwave

· Cooking Utensils available

So if you are willing to pay a visit to Panama, vacation rentals at Bocas Del Toro is the best option. We have the best for you and we want you to have a memorable and a comfortable vacation. We are eager to host you.

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