10/15/18 — What’s Crowley Up To? … Jockeying For Public Advocate


Mucho Crowley talk, but nada certain

“He’s getting folks to vote for him on the WFP line,” was what one Queens insider bochinchero told me about Rep. Joe Crowley. They say the plan is for the Queens Democratic Committee boss to get a significant portion of the 44 percent of Democrats who voted for him in the June 26 primary to do so again on November 6.

That’s not the only speculation being muttered about the recently fallen political kingpin, and current fourth ranking Democrat in the House.

“That’s bull. Crowley would have to get the backing of a large percentage of the District Leaders to carry this out.” This bochinchero who is not a fan of Crowley said. “There’s a lot talk, but I’m sure that whatever Crowley’s doing, there’s less than a handful of people in Queens and in Washington that know about it.”

Well, for certain he wants to remain leader of the county. To that end, he’s holding a fundraiser on October 29. And as reported by the Post, it’s not a Halloween fiesta. The suggested donation is 10,000 dólares.

“For all we know, he could be running for Mayor in 2021,” said a bochinchera who’s in the partisan trenches. “Or he could be working out a deal with Cuomo to represent the state in D.C.”

All in all, it’s a lot of loose lenguas talking with nada to make a bet on.

As Williams ponders, for Quinn it’s now or never in 2021

There is only one seat for the many rumored wannabes interested in running in the special election to fill the soon to be vacant New York City Public Advocate seat, but there are mixed opinions on who the real contenders are.

Most knowledgeable political insjders feel City Councilman Jumaane Williams is the frontrunner after garnering over 400,000 votes across the five boroughs in his bid for the Democratic nomination to be New York State Lieutenant Governor against the incumbent Kathy Hochul.

The one exception here is Christine Quinn. The former Speaker of the City Council, who represented the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, is “seriously exploring” a run, according to several insiders.

“If Quinn doesn’t run in this special [election for Public Advocate] her chances in 2021 for Mayor are greatly lessened.” That’s the opinion of one Manhattan bochinchero who admires the politician and supported her mayoral run in 2013.

What’s interesting is that in conversations with people that know that Quinn is taking a serious look at running for the eventual vacancy, the consensus is that by 2021 Quinn would be less known and would face new voters that “wouldn’t know who the hell she is.”

Unless she held an elected office.

Quinn must know about this and if she does decide to go for the vacancy then “she’s at the top of the heap of all the losers who have nothing to lose by saying that they’re running,” said a bochinchero from Brooklyn.

By the way, Brooklyn so far has the most wannabes in this pre-vacancy period and it’s not known what they’ll do if Jumaane decides that he’s going to run. Which may not be a factor for Quinn. “She’s got to go for it,” said another informed player in citywide political operations. To which I posed the question what happens if she loses. “Of all the names mentioned, including Jumaane, she’s the only one that’s run citywide. That experience counts in a quick race like this one will be.”