10/22/2018 — Cuomo Eyeing 4th Term Instead Of White House … Crespo Fighting On Two Fronts


Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivers remarks at the Global Citizen Festival

Cuomo’s setting the stage for a fourth term…Say what?

As I read this Times piece about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaigning efforts on behalf of fellow Democrats facing competitive State Senate races, I was reminded of a recent conversation. I went back to my notes and the question “what’s up his sleeve?” may have already been answered for us.

One week after the September 13 primary an insider political bochinchero told me Cuomo’s primary victory over Nixon “gives him [Cuomo] the numbers that prove there’s no Democrat that can beat him for the nomination.” I responded with “no shit, Sherlock.”

The Democrat bochinchero (who knows more than he lets on) also told me: “The Republicans have proven that they can’t touch him [Cuomo] either.” I challenged that notion. The insider Dem, who has been around since the days of Mario Cuomo, responded “Andrew will win the general by bigger numbers than his two previous elections. He will in his mind take that as a sign that there’s no one in the state that can be a better governor than he.”

The conversation went on for longer than either of us had intended. As is typical with most of my talks with political insiders.

“Gerson, Andrew has never been able to get over his father’s loss to (George) Pataki. This will be his way to settle this with himself and the political ghost that haunts him for Mario’s loss.”

So, what happens to all the rumors of a presidential run in 2020?

“Andrew’s not running for president. End of story with that. He wants his legacy to be that fourth term and rebuilding or bringing the state to these modern times. He knows Mario is watching,” the bochinchero responded.

I don’t know about this Mario watching bit but I do know that Gov. Cuomo loves his job, with all the power and trappings that come with it. And as one close ally of Andrew once told me: “What else is he going to do?”

Bronx Dem County Boss facing problemas on two fronts

Pissed off bochincheros are still giving Assemblyman and Bronx Democratic County boss Marcos Crespo an ear full after this feature profile was published.

At least one recent ‘jalón de orejas’ came from Rubén Díaz, padre. The details were sketchy about the exchange between Crespo and the Rev, and the bochinchero major from Da’ Bronx wouldn’t confirm all the details. Pero, a source who was told about the face off said, “the old man was not happy about how his once aide (Crespo) described how he regretted the vote on same gender marriage and would probably vote for it now.”

There are others complaining about smaller things in the piece.

Pero, what the Queens Tribune has been told that “(Crespo) is disheartened by the way things are going with his role as leader of the SOMOS conference.”

According to two different bochincheros there are some rumblings about “whether he continues as Chair of the NYS Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force.” Another trusted bochinchero told us that “I haven’t heard anything about this. If I do I’ll give you a call.” Crespo was appointed to as head of the Task Force by Speaker Carl Heastie in March of 2015.

The buzz is that Crespo has too much on his plate and needs to focus on his duties as the political jefe of the Bronx as his amigo Rubén(cito) Díaz gears up for a mayoral run in 2021. Crespo has already endorsed the Borough President in his bid in what is expected to be a very crowded Democratic primary field.

“He’s a real nice guy. An excellent speaker and is fully bilingual. But, he’s falling short on leading SOMOS.” When asked how he’s failing the twice a year gathering (in Albany in the spring and coming up in November in Puerto Rico) the source said: “Have you ever read a report from SOMOS about what each of the conferences achieved or what came out of the convening?”

To this person’s point the response is…No. Nada.