10/30/2018 — Breaking: A Crowley Campaign Underway

Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read


We are just a week out from election day and it looks like at least someone is campaigning for Rep. Joe Crowley — even if he is not. This flyer was sent to me via text message.

The flyer, I’m told, is making its way around on social media.

“It was texted to me from an activist from the Bronx who also said that a veterans organization invited him to meet this Sunday. If I get the location I’ll let you know,” the source told me.

According to another source whom I called, “there is activity going on for Joe.” I then asked a round of questions to my source — who at other times has spoken to me and shared accurate information: “I can’t say anymore on this Gerson.” He then acknowledged that “there’s a significant portion of the district that voted for Ocasio-Cortez that feel they made a mistake.”

He wouldn’t go any further.

Another source confirmed the buzz that there was a wave of support for Crowley and said, “She made a lot of commitments to a lot of people.” The Democrat, who doesn’t vote in the 14th Congressional district, then made it clear: “I’m not getting involved. It’s not my fight.”

When we reported in my October 15 column titled “Mucho Crowley talk, but nada certain,” the bochinche then was that there were plans for a Crowley vote effort to be organized. To which a source then said:

“That’s bull. Crowley would have to get the backing of a large percentage of the District Leaders to carry this out.” That bochinchero is not a fan of Crowley. “There’s a lot talk, but I’m sure that whatever Crowley’s doing, there’s less than a handful of people in Queens and in Washington that know about it.”

As I wrote this, I also heard from another insider bochinchera that, “Republicans are going to vote for Crowley.” When I asked why they would vote for him the response was: “The way they see it, Crowley is a person that they could talk to and work things out. With Ocasio-Cortez they can’t get past the socialist label.”

Maybe ol’ Joe Crowley has a chance after all?


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Exclusive tips and Insider Gossip from veteran political journalist and Ocean Gold Editor-at-Large Gerson Borrero

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