11/12/2018 — Public Advocate Buzz For Espinal … The Buzz At #SOMOSPR


Ari Espinal Seriously Mulls A Run For Public Advocate

Some of you might be saying Ari, who?

Well she’s currently the Assemblywoman representing the 39th District in Queens. She’s all of 31 years old, and her trips to Albany as a legislator will soon be over. The rookie lawmaker — with a lot of know how about how government works, was defeated by another first time candidate, Catalina Cruz, a 35-year-old Dreamer from Colombia.

And yet the were whispers in San Juan — from two insider political players — is that Ari Espinal should explore getting into the special election to replace the current Public Advocate Letitia “Tish” James as she prepares to be sworn in as the next Attorney General.

“That’s a name that I haven’t heard,” said a political consultant with whom I spoke with about what I first heard at the Centro de Convenciones on Friday at the Somos conference. “Look, at this point it’s all talk and it’s a matter of who’s in it when the date for the special is announced by de Blasio.”

Another bochinchero smiled and then said, “She would bring some new blood into the field of those who have been mentioned to be running, and the two that have already announced.”

There are several announced wannabes to become the next Public Advocate. Among them NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams, who had an impressive run for Lieutenant Governor against Kathy Hochul, Assemblyman Michael ‘I worked for Obama’ Blake, Nomiki Konst a Democratic activist and investigative reporter, and Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell has indicated he intends to run as well.

So, if Ari (short for Aridia) Espinal decides to be one of the wannabes, it may be a way to keep her name on the political stage. And with what’s happened recently in local politics, you never know. She may have a shot in what could be a very crowded field. We heard she’s going to give it some serious thought.

Bochinche Bits From #SOMOSPR

“Joe Crowley’s political burial occurred on November 6.”

That is is what one bochinchero told me.

“The June defeat was received as an unexpected death. There was a mourning period but some thought Crowley would be resurrected,” said the político. “Whether he admits it or not, there was some hope that something would happen in the general election. It didn’t. He has to now figure out what he does in the next few months,” said the gabber, who went on to add that “Crowley hasn’t decided on what’s next.”

The question that some are asking is whether Crowley could really walk away from this or will he set up for a 2020 challenge to the rookie that ate his political candy?

Don’t expect Corey Johnson to endorse any of the candidates for Public Advocate.

That’s according to a political operative close to the New York City Council Speaker in a conversation on Saturday in one of the events of #SOMOSPR

“There likely will be several council members in the race and he’s not going to pick one over the other.” Okay, but if my source doesn’t mind, I’m going to keep checking in as candidacies are announced.

It’s surprising how underestimated Andrea Stewart Cousins is among some Democrats at #SOMOSPR.

The doubting of the soon to be Majority Leader of the state Senate was not particularly vicious and yet the comments I have been hearing in Puerto Rico had a sexist undercurrent.

“Andrea is going to have to deal with Cuomo and Heastie and they’re way more seasoned and prepared than she’ll ever be.”

There was also this comment: “Andrea is just not artful enough in the negotiating nuances of this guy dominated process.”

Damn! And this statement is from a Democrat who says he “likes and supports” Stewart-Cousins.

Daniel O’Donnell is jumping into the NYC Public Advocate race.

His entry into the special election could make a few of the other wannabes very nervioso. Two bochincheros have no doubt that the Queens-born Assemblyman’s candidacy will force some of the declared and presumed candidates to “be specific on issues that they have danced around for too long.”

Can’t wait for Bill de Blasio to select the date for the special election.