11/20/2018 — GOP Buzzing About Replacing Cox, Again … Public Advocates Race Looking Too Mucho Macho


Más Talk About A New Republican Chair

“Cox has to go,” one bochinchero made clear. The feeling is shared by several Republicans I’ve quoted anonymously in this column before. This time around, the complaints and finger pointing began weeks before the November 6 electoral trouncing the Party’s gubernatorial candidate Mark Molinaro suffered at the polls against third-timer Andrew Cuomo.

Now, two additional bochincheros spoke to me about this.

One said: “The reason no one challenges Ed openly is because he is a genuinely likable guy.”


And the other: “There is one upstate county leader that many of us think could lead Republicans in the state.” The bochinchero didn’t want to share the name. He finally agreed to identify him on the condition that I not mention him. I told him I couldn’t agree to that and told him to get back to me.

His response was: “Conversations are happening. We just have to make it a priority for Republican leaders in the state. This guy hasn’t decided to openly challenge Cox and we have to give some room.”

To that point I reminded him that Cox was elected on September 29, 2009 — which means next year marks a decade since he’s held the job. So I asked if the 2020 presidential works in favor of Cox or against him?

“It just may work in his favor. He’s [Cox] known Trump for a long time and gets along with him.”

That admission is by itself an often repeated excuse. While other younger Republicans in New York State complain but seem resigned to wait for one of them to lead an open challenge to the guy they blame for a weak opposition in statewide offices and the loss of the Republican State Senate majority to the Democratic Party.

It seems the Democrats have nada to worry about. And Gov. Cuomo is fine with that and all smiles. Yes, Andrew does smile… sometimes.

Macho Dominance In The Public Advocate Race ‘Sucks!’

An amiga who laughs at being called a bochinchera told me, “This Public Advocate race will wind up being like the Speaker’s race last year.” Her point is understood. All eight of the candidates were hombres in the election among the 51 New York City Council members, before Brooklyn Council Member Inez Barron launched a a twelfth hour bid. Of course that insider process gave us Corey Johnson as the Speaker.

I responded to the insider política by pointing out that as of now the list of wannabes includes Nomiki Konst an investigative journalist and Dawn Smalls, a former Obama White House appointee. Dos mujeres. The others — all hombres — are councilman Rafael Espinal, Eric Ulrich and Jumaane Williams, as well as Assemblymen Michael ‘I worked for Obama’ Blake and Daniel O’Donnell.

In addition Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez “will formally announce on December 9” I’m told by a source close to the Manahattan político. There are others in the City Council that are talking about jumping into the race.

There’s also been a lot of talk that former Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito will run. Last week a bochinchero passed this along: “She (Melissa) told me that she will decide in the next two weeks.”

Another person who was asked to endorse the former City Council Speaker’s bid, and declined the advance, told me “This is too much of a risk for Melissa. She’s not popular and will probably not get a lot of support.”

On the other side of the spectrum, Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis, who would be the second republican in the special election, I’m told is not interested. A source close to her sent me a DM, saying she has made it clear that: “I’ve got one more race in me. Public Advocate is not it.”

There’s been nada coming from Queens Assembly member Ari Espinal since we reported the buzz at #SOMOSPR that she was mulling a run for the PA vacancy. Except that I hear that Ari has made her cousin Rafael (Espinal) nervous about her candidacy.

My amiga goes back to her point. “This will be another male dominated election and that sucks!”

It sure looks that way.