11/26/2018 — MMV Is Running … Espaillat’s Letter Angers Some


MMV Will Be In It, But Can She Win It?

“She (Melissa) told me that she will decide in the next two weeks.” That’s what a bochinchero quoted in this column last Tuesday told me. He was bien informado about Melissa Mark-Viverito’s plans to get back into elective office.

In fact, “Melissa will announce her candidacy on Tuesday (tomorrow).” That’s what a well informed insider source assured me. Word is that she’s making her announcement tomorrow morning during a broadcast interview with a “friendly reporter.”

Two other bochincheros, whom I spoke with separately in recent days and an additional source on Thanksgiving Day have confirmed that Melissa Mark-Viverito will announce her candidacy this week.

But, it really doesn’t matter when the ex-council member from the 8th district, which stretches from East Harlem (El Barrio), Randall’s Island, Grand Concourse, Longwood, Mott Haven, Post Morris, Longwood and Highbridge announces. She’s jumping into an ever growing group of wannabes for the special election to the soon to be vacant office of the New York City Public Advocate.

MMV’s candidacy is expected to be among the most interesting to cover and follow. Her departure from her role as Speaker of the City Council was surrounded by a polemic appointment that she tried to impose on the New York City Board of Elections. That last salvo all but guarantees MMV won’t get the support of any of the five NYC Democratic County leaders. Brooklyn Democratic Party Boss Frank Seddio has already endorsed Council Member Jumaane Williams.

In addition among the trove of issues available to those competing for the office and the press reporting on the Special Election will be one like the one that deals with how she’s used the system to her personal benefit (she’s not the only politico to do so).

So, as we wait for the current Vice President of Strategic Engagement @latinovictory.us to make it formal, one bochinchero asked: “Since Luis Miranda is Chair of the Board of Latino Victory is he also running her campaign? Miranda is a co-founder and one of the principals at MirRam, the political consultants who ran Letitia “Tish” James campaign for state Attorney General.

To which I answered: I have no idea. Veremos what MMV says about who’s she’s counting on.

Some Are “Pissed Off” With Espaillat’s Move To Name NY Dream Act For Peralta

Congressman Adriano Espaillat’s missive to get New York State’s DREAM Act to be renamed in honor of the deceased state Senator José Peralta is not sitting well with some políticos and activists.

“Respectfully, I ask that when the New York State Legislative Session reconvenes on January 9, 2019, that both the Assembly and Senate come together to rename the New York State DREAM Act in honor of Senator Peralta and upon its passage, that Governor Cuomo sign the bill into law recognizing and codifying its most ardent champion, New York Senator José R. Peralta, into the official record.”

Here’s a copy of the letter from Espaillat to Carl E. Heastie, Andrea Stewart Cousins and Andrew M. Cuomo.

“He’s such a dirtbag. Adriano didn’t support Peralta — just like he didn’t support Alcántara in the primary and now he’s jumping to grandstand on his grave. F him,” was one of the reactions from a compatriot of both políticos who resides in Manhattan.

Another rejection of Espaillat’s letter to the top three Democrats in Albany came from an elected bochinchera, “The DREAM Act will get done. Cuomo can’t get away from this in 2019. We don’t need a letter from Adriano. Esto demuestra que es un oportunista. (This demonstrates that he’s an opportunist)”

Others who I spoke with or texted with questions about their perception of what Espaillat was asking had different negative responses. Along the same line of this already quoted. Only one person — a respected activist that I’ve know for a long time couldn’t answer due to illness.

One of the bochincheros did state the obvious: “We are all devastated by Peralta’s shocking news and he’s thinking about legislation and what name it’s given? He has no respect for mourning?”

So, the question is: Will Espaillat’s letter — as well intended as it may be — even get a response from the three Democratic leaders running the state government?