11/5/2018 — Breaking Bochinche: Rubén Díaz Robocall Asks Voters To “Send A Message Of Repudiation To Governor Cuomo.”


Speaking Español with a strong and clear voice New York City Councilman Rubén Díaz thunders against Governor Andrew Cuomo in a robocall to voters on the eve of election night.

Listen here.

We have provided a translation of what the polemic político from The Bronx says about Cuomo:

“This is the Councilman Reverend Rubén Díaz. Governor Andrew Cuomo said that in the state of New York there was no place for those who, like me and you, defend the moral values, family values, and traditional values. This is why I ask you that this Tuesday, November 6th, we go out and vote and send a message of repudiation to Governor Cuomo. Let’s vote on column C and let’s elect candidates like Marc Molinaro, a conservative like you and like me. I ask you that we defend our moral values, family values, and biblical ones.

Vote conservative, vote Molinaro in Column C. Spoken to you by the Councilman Reverend Rubén Díaz.

Paid for by Molinaro for New York.”

The vid copy of the robocall was sent to me by a bochinchera from the borough. She had received from a friend. In the Democratic primary in September, The Bronx came out in full force for Cuomo, giving him more votes than any of the other 62 counties in the state.

My source — whom I spoke to in a brief conversation also indicated that she had received the robocall from Díaz at her home number. It was on her voicemail.

What’s interesting about Díaz’s ask is that at no point does he mention that Molinaro is a Republican. He asks that they vote for Molinaro on the conservative line.

“He thinks he’s getting over on us.” said a Bronx county insider. “He’s been a Republican for a long time. He doesn’t want to hurt his son,” The son is Borough President Rubén Díaz, Jr. who has an excellent relationship with Cuomo and has already announced that he’s a 2021 Mayoral contender.

Let’s see how persuasive the Díaz push for Molinaro is once the votes in the Bronx are counted tomorrow night.