11/5/2018 — Crowley Flier Origin (UPDATED) … Cuomo Plans SOMOS Trip


Update: Local Chamber Behind Crowley Campaign Flier

We won’t know about its effectiveness, or lack thereof, until Tuesday night, but we do now know where the silent and “unauthorized” campaign for Democratic primary loser Rep. Joe Crowley, — first reported here — came from.

“The flier for Crowley was made up by the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce.”

These are the actual words contained in the text that was sent to me from a trusted source.

There were attempts by this column and the Queens Tribune to reach the chamber, and a voice mail was left for the person listed as the current chair. We received no response.

We were also told that there was a Facebook effort by Crowley family members and at least two District Leaders encouraging residents of the 14th Congressional District to vote for the titular Congressman and not the official Democratic nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“No way Crowley can win. The first image shows the party breakdown of the last midterm election. 7,601 [Republicans] voted.” That was the response from one of two election expert consultants. This expert source included graphics which I’ve chosen not to include to make his point.

The voters in Queens and The Bronx portion of the 14th Congressional District will soon have the final say.


UPDATE: After posting this story the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce responded saying in a statement:

“The Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce will not and cannot endorse any political candidates as it is against our by-laws. The Chamber is not responsible for the flyer endorsing Rep. Joe Crowley nor has it sanctioned any materials. Any rhetoric supporting this claim is strictly hearsay. We reiterate in strongest terms possible that the Chamber is NOT responsible for this flyer.”

Cuomo’s SOMOS Gameplan

It may be as early as this Wednesday afternoon that governor Andrew Cuomo gets on a flight to San Juan to attend the annual SOMOS legislative conference of the New York State Assembly Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force.

Bochincheros familiar with the schedule of the SOMOS gathering from the 7th through 11th of November tell me: “the Governor is expected to be with us for at least 24 hours.” According to my sources, Cuomo “will probably go with one of the groups volunteering to continue with the ongoing work of rebuilding homes in the most devastated areas of the island.” This will be Gov. Cuomo’s sixth trip to the Caribbean island in the last 14 months.

Governor Cuomo has been steadfast in providing resources from the Empire State to support Puerto Rico since Hurricane María devastated the island nation on September 20, 2017.

I asked one insider bochinchero if Cuomo still attend if he loses his reelection bid?

He let out a hearty laugh and said: “see you in San Juan, Gerson,” and hung up.