11/9/2018 — Bochinche, from SOMOS: Cuomo Needs To Dream … Ydanis for Public Advocate


DREAM ACT: No Más Excuses From Cuomo

The consensus from more than two dozen políticos, government insiders and bochincheros at the 31st Annual SOMOS Conference — featuring lots of politicos, both Puerto Rican, Latino and gringo — is that among Governor Andrew Cuomo’s checklist of undone legislative projects as he begins his third term is the NYS Dream Act.

“He can’t blame the Republican controlled Senate anymore,” said one of the Cuomo sympathizers who has felt offended by the Governor’s “dilly dallying” with the legislation that would benefit tens of thousands of state residents, and inspire the more than 3.5 million Latinos in the state.

When I inquired about specifics to move the proposed legislation forward with the state Senate beginning in 2019 with a Democratic majority, more than one bochinchero opined that: “he’ll [Cuomo] want to review it, make minor changes and rename it Cuomo’s Dream Act.”

An insider who knows how the Governor takes ownership of others’ work told me, “I don’t care if he names it the Mario Dream Act. He’s got to stop messing with Latinos and get this done.”

There was a dissenting elected official who made the case that, “there are some who are more interested in making drivers licenses for the undocumented legal. So, while there’s chatter about the Dream Act, they’re already into another issue.”

This point may pan out to have some validity. But my takeaway from the conversations with a plethora of my interlocutors is that I don’t think a Cuomo excuse will be tolerated by his loyal Latino base anymore.

So, it’s Dream Act or bust…finally.

Ydanis Gears Up For Public Advocate Run

Two political insiders let me know that NYC Councilmember Ydanis Rodríguez will soon announce his candidacy to become the next Public Advocate of New York City, now that Letitia “Tish” James is moving onto the Attorney General’s office.

“Ydanis will run as the voice for all immigrants and the ignored hard working people of the five boroughs,” said the source who also told me that it will be made official in the first two weeks of December.

To be precise, he will announce by the 10th day of the last month of 2018.

“None of the announced candidates or the ones being talked about wanting to be the next PA have the personal experience that Ydanis has as an immigrant. His first job was as a dishwasher.”

The Ydanis-biased bochinchero said, “with the anti-immigrant venom coming out of the White House, the Republican Party and what’s been displayed at Trump rallies, who better than a candidate that can speak directly to the issue than Ydanis?”

The question is can Ydanis run for the office of Public Advocate on this issue alone?

Stay tuned.