12/11/18 — Guardian Angel Fuming After SI GOP Leaders Pick Ulrich Over Him


It’s not a Christmas gift, but let me unwrap this political bochinche for you.

So, here’s Queens Councilman Eric Ulrich announcing his bid for the Public Advocate special election coming up in February 2019.

What the Republican who represents the 32nd District in the New York City Council doesn’t say — but Queens Tribune is reporting here — is that on Monday night (anoche) he went before the Staten Island GOP for their endorsement. And much to his sorpresa, there was Curtis Sliwa.

It turned out that the rambunctious, in-your-face radio host and loud mouth Guardian Angel neoyorquino also wanted the endorsement and support of arguably the most conservative Republican County machine.

This in fact is the first real sign that Sliwa has all intentions of joining the crowded field of wannabes for the Public Advocate post that’s will be left vacant by Letitia “Tish” James when she goes on to make herstory as the first mujer and African American state Attorney General.

Back to the bochinche.

I’m told that Ulrich was surprised to see Curtis presente. He [Ulrich] was not happy when Sliwa took to the mic and tore into all political figures in the City, including Republicans. He “took no prisoners” is how a source describe Sliwa’s presentation. Once he was done at about 9:30pm, Sliwa was on his way back to Manhattan feeling confident that he had most of the Executive Committee on his side.

He was wrong. By 11pm he received a “courtesy call” from one of the Executive Committee members letting him know that they were going with Ulrich.

Feeling that his appearance was “all for naught,” I’m told that Sliwa has made it clear to the Staten Islanders that: “He’s going to remind Republicans that Ulrich sold his vote to Melissa Mark-Viverito for a chairmanship and a lulu and that’s how she became Speaker. That in fact his [Ulrich’s] was the deciding vote.”

The warning was made as a reminder of who he supported even though he often criticizes and attacks the former Speaker as being “too radical.”

According to an ally of Sliwa’s, he is also going to remind the voters that “it was de Blasio who called Ulrich to make the deal. And you expect this guy to be a watchdog over the Mayor?”

For added value to his mantra of taking on all, I’m told Sliwa is also expected to remind Republican neoyorquinos that, “Ulrich also supported Bo Dietl over Nicole Malliotakis for Mayor in 2017.” And that last night, Ulrich was accompanied by “his wheelman John Haggerty. The same John Haggerty who went to jail for ripping off Bloomberg’s campaign dollars.”

As I’m writing the final sentences of this item I’ve been told that, “Curtis is going to be seeking the support of the remaining GOP County leaders of Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.”

And here we were thinking that this was just going to be a bunch of Democratic políticos who wanted some publicity on the taxpayers’ dime!