9/24/18 — Bochinche: Details on Klein’s Judge Rejection … Friendship Holding Up Jumaane’s Public Advocate Run


No Way Jeff Klein Gets To Be a Judge

The story has already been reported. Here’s a clip with my NY1 colega Zach Fink.

But, there’s some bochinche I must share…

Jeff Klein, el jefe of the now defunct renegade Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), who was convincingly beaten in the September 13 Democratic primary by political novata Alessandra Biaggi, wanted to be called Judge. It’s not going to happen.

Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, Chairman of The Bronx Democratic County Organization, has expressed his displeasure with the way this has been reported.

¡Ay, bendito!

I was first told by a credible insider bochinchero from Queens County that Klein had a face to face sit down with Crespo during which he asked for a judgeship.

“You’re not getting it,” is the response the Senator received.

“He was pissed and let Crespo know,” said another source from The Bronx who has ties to the party confirming that “Klein was pissed off and got loud. But Marcos stood his ground.”

The Democratic Boss [Crespo] is not saying or admitting to any of the reporting of how all this went down.

However, a bochinchero who is close to Crespo told me:

“Marcos is not going to confirm nor deny any of this. He’s annoyed that he has to explain something that was never gonna happen.”

So, did he tell Klein to his face that there was no way he was going to be judge?

“What does Marcos get out of this if he admits what’s been said?” The bochinchero pointed out. My source then added, “Marcos has come to learn that trying to be open and clear does nothing for him.”

The source then concluded by stating, “Marcos doesn’t like hitting people when they are down.”

Hmm! (I’m saving this one.)

Bottom line is that Klein was told that, “his request wouldn’t be considered. County was not going to back him.” And as we say in Spanish: “Y colorín, colorado, este cuento se ha acabado”.

In plain English, that’s all for this bochinche, folks. But, this may be the beginning of a cleaning house in Da’ Boogie down Bronx being led by the voters, the políticos listening, and political reporters staying on their beat.

Jumaane Williams Is Concerned About His Amigo’s Interest In Public Advocate

There’s very little doubt that after Jumaane Williams impressive showing in his challenge to Kathy Hochul for state Lieutenant Governor made him the leading candidate for the soon to be vacant office of Public Advocate. Full disclosure here: I was doing live commentary at NY1 Noticias on election eve and I went on the record saying twice that Jumaane would be the next PA if he wanted to run.

But, City Councilman Williams is indecisive about whether he runs for the office.

Here’s how he explained it in this Twitter posting several days ago:

Just a note to say thanks again. And I hear all of your encouragement to move forward. I’m honored by your confidence in the vision we laid out. No decisions at this time…but please #StayTuned ✌🏾💪🏾#wehaveworktodo #GeneralElection#November#publicadvocateconsiderationpic.twitter.com/SXVccTdhv5
— Jumaane Williams (@JumaaneWilliams) September 21, 2018

So, what I’ve learned from several bochincheros who are either close to Jumaane or have spoken to him since the primary is that among his concerns is the fact his activist comrade and amigo Kirsten John Foy had already talked to Jumaane about running for that office if it became available after Tish James won her race for New York State Attorney General.

For those who may be scrambling their cabezas to remember who Kirsten John Foy is here’s a quick reminder.

It dates back to the 2011 West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn. At the time Kirsten John Foy was an aide to then-Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. Both amigos were detained by NYPD officers, trying to access a closed sidewalk that the two were trying to explain they had access to.

The arrests received a lot of media coverage and sparked concerns about racial profiling as both officials are black. Williams used the arrest to become a vociferous critic to the then controversial stop-and-frisk tactics and excesses used by the NYPD.

As it turned out the officers involved in the incident were disciplined, and Foy received a $225,000 settlement from the city in 2014 for injuries he sustained from the arrest. Here’s the story reported by the Daily News.

“It’s very honorable of Jumaane to respect his brothers desire to run for PA. But, what does he do? He can’t walk away from all the votes he received in the five boroughs.” is what one top Democrat told me about Jumaane’s concern.

Another bochinchero was more to the point.

“There’s already a bunch of wannabes who don’t know anything about advocacy or care about it. The office of Public Advocate fits Jumaane better than any one of his favorite shirts, pants, shoes or suits.”

I think most neoyorquinos who know Williams trajectory feel the same way.