BREAKING: Finally, CUNY Board Set To Approve Rodríguez as Chancellor


It’s been more than six months since bochincheros at CUNY told me that Queens College President Félix V. Matos Rodríguez was the frontrunner to become the next Chancellor of the City University of New York — and this afternoon the CUNY Board is set to vote to approve him for the post.

A high level source tells me the vote is going to happen at a meeting at 4:30 p.m. at CUNY’s Manhattan headquarters, and it’s a done deal. There is more than enough support on the board for the prominent Puerto Rican who goes “Felo” in the state’s political circles.

As I reported for the Queens Tribune in July and then again in August, Felo has always been the top choice for many people on the CUNY Board, but internal squabbling led to the reopening of the process to interview more candidates. In December, bochincheros told me the delay was to make sure the public believed a wide search was done, before landing on the Queens College president.

At that point, the buzz was that Felo would be announced in a few weeks — apparently it took a little longer to get organized. The whole process has frustrated many, including the President of another college in the CUNY family who told me in December, “If Felo has been their choice all along why have they dragged this out?”

A good question that I will have to tackle in a future post.