Breaking: Meeks Crowned Queens Dem Chair This Morning


It’s not a surprise that the Queens County Democratic Committee, aka the Queens’ Machine, moved ahead to name Rep. Gregory Meeks the new county chair this morning, replacing ousted former Rep. Joe Crowley. What is interesting is how it happened.

An insider of NYC politics who is immersed in the Queens County political beehive sent me this photograph and reminded me of some of how they got to today. First reported by the Post.

According to this bochinchero, this photograph is evidence of how it happened.

In the photo on the far left is Sonya Harvey, who is Hiram Monserrate’s Co-District Leader, and who nominated Meeks to be chair at the September 2018 Queens Democratic District Leaders meeting. It was seconded by Luis Gomez and voted on by Lilian Melo and Monserrate.

These four District Leaders forced a vote for Queens County Leader — something that has not occurred in decades. Many scoffed at them but apparently that moved played a role in making Meeks the eventual front runner to replace Crowley.

The position doesn’t come clean to Meeks. Here’s a story about some of the baggage he brings in his political suitcase.

So, while this is good news for those wanting a complete change in the leadership of the Democratic Party in Queens, there is no denying Meeks elevation goes hand in hand with the political comeback of the uniquely controversial Hiram Monserrate, for now.

That’s going to piss off some folks and probably lead to some major power brawls in the county as the establishment still wraps its collective political head around the upheaval of the electorate that came with novice Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whipping party boss Crowley in last June’s Democratic Primary.

Sources have been telling me for days that this in the bag for Meeks. But, my inner instincts tell me that bags sometimes have holes.

Stay tuned.