10 things that bring happiness to your life

Many people feel themselves miserable for the most of their lifetime.
Many others will not call themselves miserable but rather a little unhappy or frequently boring.

Every man’s life is unique and everyone has his own reasons to be unhappy or unsatisfied. But we have a lot of in common and this list will definitely change your life.

1. Children

It’s pure joy to see how your children grow up. Of course it’s not that easy to do it, but eventually you will likely remember only the best moments related to your child. If you feel it’s to early for you to have a child you may skip this and return back once you feel the time has come. It may take a few years for you to realize how the life could be changed when you get a child.

2. Freedom

This point looks very contrast with the first. Really, how can you be free if you need to care of little child? The point is you don’t need to care 24 hours a day. Your spouse can support you and day by day you will have more free time. Grandparents also may give a very valuable help when you want to be solely with your partner. And don’t forget about babysitter.

What’s actually the freedom:

  • Living anywhere you want
  • Doing the job that you like
  • Doing nothing when you don’t want to
  • Ability to give up your job easily
  • Absence of bank credits, mortgage, etc
  • Communicating with people you like
  • Being free from bad habits
  • Everything else that increase your freedom feeling

You may have not all of these options at once, but think about your freedom and try to increase it.

3. Love

Being loved. Love someone. Be happy. Yes, sometimes it’s that easy=)

4. Ideas realization

Want to get constant excitement feeling ? Have ideas to share and realize?
This option is for you. Make a little step day by day and watch how you idea becomes a reality. Your goal seems to be impossible. The point is there is nothing impossible if you really want something. No matter how complex task looks like, all you need is divide it into parts. Then each part seems to be not so difficult to get completed.

5. Travelling

Got tired of your job or life monotony? Waiting for inspiration? Then just open world map, choose place of your dream, book your flights and be ready for something new.

If you are short of money to flight for a long distance you may consider travelling around neighbor cities using car, bus, train or even bicycle.

6. Dreams

Never forget to dream. Don’t fear your dreams because you think the are only dreams and they will never become reality. Dreaming is a great boost for your mood and mental state. But the most valuable thing about dreams is that they can help you to get new ideas and find the ways to becoming reality.

7. Sport

Another strong boost for your happiness is sport. Try jogging or cycling or just hiking in the wood to get rid of stress and tiredness. Nature and fresh air make wonderful effect. Next time you commute to work get off the bus one or two stops earlier and walk the rest distance.

8. Location change

If you have possibility to move somewhere for a while it may help you to feel the change in your life while you’re doing the same things. Remote job is great for that. If you’re the office worker consider going somewhere for a weekend or holidays.

9. Overcoming yourself

The major obstacle for you is yourself. Each time you overcome yourself you become stronger and get feeling you made something very useful. For example you may try to spend one day without food or with minimal food.

10. Shopping and eating

Usually it gives you a very short boost, but very easy to achieve. Avoid eating harmful products(like candies, hamburgers, coke) as they being good for your mood will influence your physical health. As a result the happiness will be much harder to achieve. The eating is not the goal but the way to spend a great time with your friend and relatives.


This is not a complete list and you may have your own ways to be happy. Please share with us in the comments.