I’m Voting For The Democrat In November Because I’m Not A Human Tire Fire (October 2016 Edition)
Sara Benincasa

You must probably have a lifestyle and a level of income that is comfortable and that you are not too worried about losing. You will vote for more corruption because it benefits yourself interest…and you probably don't want to go to that special place in hell for vaginas that do not support other vaginas.The rest of us with common sense refused to vote for more of the same and no change. Mrs Clinton can’t not and will not win the election without Bernie’s supporters votes.Hillary knows that. Bernie’s supporters are laughing at the “unity” cry. Suppressing millions of voters and then asking for their votes is simply not going to work. Decent smart people are not going to vote for a corrupted liar who happens to be under federal criminal investigation. But..you will. Speaks volumes for your integrity.

Unless she is planning to steal the election from the GOP like she stole her nomination I don’t see how she is going to beat Trump. The media lies.Trump is ahead of Hillary.Bernie is way ahead of Trump.Do the math..Democrat.

Nice try ..trying to put us back in line.Cute.

Stealing and election from the GOP is going to be difficult since the invented rigging….

by the way..you are not funny.