Free Udemy Tutorials for Digital Marketing and SEO

Recently, I started learning SEO.

I have been looking for tutorials for Digital marketing , SEO, SMO so that I can learn about this field but most of the websites link to torrents or will contain so many ads.

Soon I found some google drive links shared by people for few of courses. Then I started discovering and found more and more. I have accumulated a lot of google drive links and if I find that certain course is available only on torrents, I download it and upload on my google drive. Then I share those tutorials on my website:

Click the following link to get the complete list of free digital marketing courses on my website. Besides, google drive links, I also look for links from sites like Mega. Here’s a link for course from Neil Patel SEO summit 2017 that is available on Mega, the only limitation being Mega allows only 1GB per day download.

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Happy learning!