Mae Brussell: a deep state researcher many years ahead of her time and a voice that should be heard now that the world is hopefully ready to listen

Mae Brussell in a photo taken from a September, 1972 article in her local newspaper The Carmel Pine Cone about her work as an assassination researcher

From the opening sentence of Mae Brussell’s piece “Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?” in the August, 1972 edition of The Realist Magazine, it is apparent that Mae was light years ahead of her time.

“My research on political assassinations, election manipulations and clandestine governments is not political. Democrats as well as Republicans contribute to murdering and concealing their crimes.”

Mae Brussell is one of my guiding lights in life and I would like to offer this article as a humble tribute to her. It is particularly appropriate now to honor this woman as the mighty Wurlitzer of the mainstream news media blares its klieg lights on Donald Trump’s inauguration and women take to the streets to demonstrate. I sympathize with the message of these women protesting against Trump, but I wish that they and the world at large knew more about Mae Brussell and the scourge that is the invisible government that she was so passionate about exposing.

Cover of the August, 1972 The Realist magazine containing Mae’s article “Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?”

Mae’s article in The Realist came just six weeks after five men were arrested at the Watergate Hotel for trying to bug an office. The article was remarkably prescient in recognizing at that early stage, well before Richard Milhous Nixon was forced to resign his office two years later in August of 1974, that the Watergate kerfuffle was dark and deeply ominous like an iceberg laying in wait to rearrange the hull of a passing vessel. The American people generally still have not realized the true implications of the events of Watergate.

If the American people had listened to Mae Brussell in the 60’s and 70’s then they would have some concept of why George H.W. Bush “broke out in assholes and shit himself” in response to Nixon’s “smoking gun” tape as described in the book Shadow: Five Presidents and the Legacy of Watergate by Bob Woodward. Bush was terrified that the Nixon tapes would reveal further details about “that Bay of Pigs thing” as Nixon had referred to it in the tape that wrecked havoc on Bush Senior’s digestive tract.

Mae knew from her exhaustive study of the political assassinations of the 1970’s that the men who were arrested in the Watergate burglary were the same men who had been involved ten-plus years before in the Bay of Pigs. They were the very same men who in the years after the catastrophe of the aborted invasion of Cuba in 1961 were the anti-Castro Cubans in whose company the person of Lee Harvey Oswald traveled. These were the same men who sheep-dipped Oswald and participated in one compartment of the assassination of the 35th President of the United States John F. Kennedy. Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, Bernard Barker, and so on.

John Judge, a contemporary of Mae’s and fellow researcher, used to describe the type of research that he and Mae engaged in as being:

“on the nut-and-bolt level, the schlepper level of who carried the money and these guys would show up again and again and again in all the operations. The same names and agencies.”

YouTube video of one of John Judge’s amazing lectures cued up to Mr. Judge speaking of his mentor Mae Brussell

I want to quote a passage from Mae’s August, 1972 article that deals with the expanse of political assassinations in the 1960’s and a commonality that they all shared. It is so blindingly obvious once Mae pointed it out but it has the quality of Edgar Allan Poe’s purloined letter in that it was so in front of our collective fat faces that it was only obvious in retrospect:

“The murders of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, the accident at Chappaquiddick and the shooting of Governor George Wallace were plots to maintain control over the electoral system. Only one candidate gained from all this violence, and that was Richard Nixon and Company.”

Mae then inserts a footnote which lists these events and relates how each of them helped Nixon. Some of these need no explanation, really, like R.F.K. being Nixon’s most dangerous rival for the 1968 presidential election. When you realize that everyone who was a serious threat to Nixon being elected president was shot by a lone nut or otherwise pushed out of the way it becomes clear that something is rotten in Denmark.

In closing I would like to offer a link to which offers an amazing archive of Mae’s work including her articles and the many radio programs she did for local Southern California radio stations like her series Dialogue Conspiracy for KLRB that evolved into what became known as World Watchers. Mae’s entire archive of radio broadcasts is available for purchase through and many of them are also available for listening on YouTube.

What this country needs right now is to understand the true nature of the beast that is is confronting. The twin evils of the visible and invisible government are particularly adept at the dark art of manipulating public opinion and casting people’s attention to distractions. I realize at first this all may seem to be a paranoid fever dream and conspiracy nonsense and at one time I thought that as well. But then one day I decided to see for my self and that was the day I began the great descent down into the rabbit’s hollow. And I am still plumbing the depths to this day. Best of luck, my friends.