The pandemic threw work life out of the office and into the world. And it just might be the best thing that could happen.

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What is the Distributed Office?

How we should reshape recruitment for the post-Corona era

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Those “look how awesome our product is” webinar ideas belong at the bottom of your drawer.

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1. The 1-hour Design Challenge

Objective: find multiple solutions for a specific problem or challenge.

Three things you can do instead, to motivate your introverted employees — or yourself.

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How I found meaning in a dead-end Dutch customer service desk

These twelve tweaks can have a huge impact on your UX interview technique — and yield more useful answers.

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Conclusion after 7 years in education: if you design solutions without involving the end-user, you will fail

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From managing workplace stress, to creating apps people understand and love — these are the common denominators.

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Three ideas that can help you uncover what your client really wants and the right problem to solve

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Creating the work life of tomorrow, can’t be done in yesterday’s ways. Oh, and we’re not as lazy and entitled as you think.

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The hidden potentials I see as an organizational psychologist when observing teams or “shadowing” managers.

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Lina Bodestad

UX psychologist. Writer. Avid drinker of oat milk lattes.

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