Love as an “unknown” element

As a past time, I often log on to 7 cups of tea and look out for people going through anxiety. Having experienced it first hand, I try to help other people through their problems. 7 cups of tea is a social network where people help other people with their problems such as depression, anxiety, addiction etc. Sometimes, I dive in to find young people contemplating suicide over emotional problems and post-break ups. The M.O is just to listen and hear people out. Extreme cases are referred to professionals.

image: peter john

The role played by Truth as a persona in our daily lives is often underrated. There was this time on 7 cups, I had told a seventeen year old girl who wanted to commit suicide, some element of truth. I said, “get ready for life, as many heartbreaks are even still coming, from bills, to grades, to boys, but if you successfully manage this one very well, you are assured of doing better in subsequent ones” This is not completely honest as each of the events could be mutually exclusive and surviving one does not guarantee the other. She thanked me for saying the truth, it was bitter but it was better than the soft and emotional attempt to placate her by friends.

I ask myself, how does a force so strong as love operate? How is an “intangible” thing able to coerce so much indefatigable effect and command so much reaction from tangible elements? How could a mother love her child so much she would be willing to die for her? There was another event on this same platform: a teenager going through heartbreak, after a break up with a girl he had met 5 months earlier online. They had talked everyday but they never met .Yet, they had been into each other so much, a break from their friendship was driving him nuts. How is “love” (or maybe lust in this case?) encumbered with so much power? How is love made? (that came out funny). How is love created? (that’s not better either). What’s the formula and what is the content? What is the appropriate dosage and how is it packaged? Is love as an emotion a weakness or a strength? Is it fiery? Outside the known states of matter: solid, liquid, gas (throw in Plasma and the Bose-Einstein condensate there too, to avoid the wrath of scientists), is there a region for emotional force such as love? is it more destructive and powerful as anger? does it have access to some unknown chambers in the strongest of hearts? How is it quantified and who calibrated the scale, are there intersections among the types: eros, philio etc)? This is one of the reasons I could understand the christian love as expressed by people I know, it’s something almost incomprehensible .

So I was wondering, if by any effort, there could be some way to re-birth love into an element . Like a chemical marker, that if added, could show what current colour of love in an individual possess at a given time. It may be unknown right now but in a form of postulates. If the neanderthals in history had not “discovered” fire, may be we would all be eating raw food still. But somebody actually caught fire from flint. They saw what it could achieve and things went on from there: steam engine, 4 stroke engine, food, cigarette, among others. Fire is not a natural resource occurring in nature, yet it’s as natural as it can get. It is not really a natural element like wind and water. It’s created and it catches ‘fire’ from there on (Yes I like recursive).

Love in it’s purest and undiluted form is practically the biggest force in the world and as an element, it wold surely be ranked way higher than a hell of fire

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