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SharePoint is an enterprise content management platform from Microsoft. In other words, SharePoint is the single platform to store all the organisation’s data and knowledge — documents, presentations, media, internal web pages, and more.

SharePoint can be installed on your own server, and it can also be used online. We prefer SharePoint Online. It can be accessed from any device, and from any location. There is also the added benefit of not having to manage your own server.

SharePoint Online is one of the several apps and services that make up Microsoft Office 365.

SharePoint governance is a complex and ongoing process. This means that we need to keep refining our practices and rules, as the organisation evolves and requirements change.

We have divided the process of SharePoint governance in five workshops:

1. Define roles and responsibilities

2. Define workflow and information architecture

3. Define rules for intranet site creation, management and decommissioning

4. Determine training needs

5. Define security controls, and groups and permissions

The above figure gives an overview of the various steps involved in SharePoint governance. It also shows the different types of SharePoint sites that an organisation can have. …


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We provide SharePoint, Office 365 and Sitefinity development services.

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