Bodhi Prediction Market Alpha is live on Qtum Testnet!

We are excited to announce that Bodhi Alpha, our first prediction market test release went alive on the Qtum Testnet yesterday!

It meant a lot to the team as it is a milestone stated in our whitepaper, and we delivered it right on time! A big round of applause to our amazing engineering team!

Bodhi Development Timeline

We did a live streaming of our product demo in our Chinese community (which has grown to over 15,000 people!) yesterday . Here is the demo (in Chinese).

This alpha release is made available to allow a broader user base to test and evaluate the next test version of the Bodhi Prediction Market, but is not recommended for production use at this stage.

What’s Bodhi Alpha?

Bodhi Alpha is a decentralized prediction market, and the first test dApp running on the Qtum Testnet. A more detailed guide to the features can be found here.

Bodhi Alpha’s UI page

Bodhi Alpha Availability

Bodhi Alpha will be available for testing soon and we will launch a detailed users’ guide soon, and we are going to have a launch party on January 4th in RobotX space, Please click here to register.

Stay tuned and Happy Holidays!




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