The Need For an Open Assessment Platform in Higher Education

  1. Questions are not formatted in the same way
  2. Questions are usually not tagged to learning objectives within the question itself (or as metadata for the question)
  3. Previous aggregate student performance data on the items is not provided
  4. It is not trivial to find questions (scattered Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, and item banks)
  5. It is not easy to copy, edit, or reuse questions from these sources (requires manual filtering and copy-paste)
  6. It is not easy to filter questions based on specific criteria (e.g., learning objective)
  1. The platform must allow for open licenses on questions, which allows instructors to easily use, reuse, share, modify, and retain questions they encounter in the platform
  2. The platform must allow for filtering and sorting questions based on difficulty, learning objective, and course
  3. The platform must have easy importing and exporting of questions using a variety of question formats (Word, Excel, Quizzing and Testing Interoperability format, etc.)
  4. The platform must have two distinct communities: (1) A formative, public-facing question repository and (2) a summative, teacher-only question repository. The summative question repository would not be public-facing, which would allow instructors (who have access to the summative questions) to more effectively collaborate and share resources in a secure way. The public-facing questions could be used for formative assessments and other self-check questions.
  5. The platform must track aggregate item-level student data. This means questions could be improved much more rapidly as many more students would be using the questions (assuming multiple courses were simultaneously using the questions). This also could potentially provide difficulty estimates for questions using Item Response Theory parameters or Classical Test Theory metrics.
  6. The platform must support a variety of item types (e.g., multiple-choice, free response, essay, multiple-select, fill-in-the-blank, etc.)
  7. The platform must have assessment item quality metrics to assess the quality of questions in the platform. This is one of the most important qualifications for the platform.

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