How tantric massage can improve sports recovery

Honey Body
Jan 21 · 2 min read

Tantric massage is an excellent way for athletes to recover. Let me tell you why.

If you thought tantric massage was just adult relaxation then think again. It can also be beneficial for people recovering from strenuous sport workouts.

Any type of massage increases blood flow to the targeted muscles, and improves circulation and muscle function.

Tantric Massage addresses many physical and emotional aspects of recovery, and can help to prevent and manage sustained minor sports injuries.


Unlike Sports massage, which targets the connective tissue and deeper muscles, tantric massage promotes the general relaxation of tight muscles to restore balance, whilst accelerating the healing process.

Repetitive action can cause muscle adhesion — when muscle fibres become stuck together — and this can restrict physical movement. If left untreated the muscles can become extremely painful.

Authentic tantric massage can help to gently stretch and lengthen the tight muscles so that the adhesion can break down, and normal movement can resume.

For dedicated athletes and sports enthusiasts of any kind, tantric massage can help aid recovery from muscle fatigue, so that you can get back to your sport without the need for painkillers.


After a strenuous and stressful workout a tantric massage can help to identify tight muscles that may cause a physical problem if left untreated.

As a this massage is a relaxing experience there is no need to anticipate painful deep pressure point stimulation that can often increase muscle soreness after a workout.

A variety of tantric massage techniques, including gentle strokes, help to loosen tight muscles and restore circulation. The re-balancing of the muscle groups can be a relaxing experience that is ultimately soothing for the body and calming for the mind.

Honey Body
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