Do You Need Breakfast to Boost Metabolism and Maximise Fat Loss?

Eating a nutrient-dense breakfast is definitely a good idea. Breaking an overnight fast provides energy for the day’s tasks, and many studies show it can increase your concentration versus eating nothing.
In a 2003 study from the US involving 499 subjects, people who skipped breakfast ate more calories in a day and were 4.5 times more likely to be obese. So, were these obese individuals missing out on breakfast’s metabolic boost?
Although it is often claimed that breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, it is only due to the energy cost of digesting and absorbing the food you eat at breakfast. There is little evidence to show that going without breakfast will depress your metabolism, unless it follows on from a previous day of little food intake.
Breakfast, it would seem, gives you an opportunity for a head start on smart nutrition and good appetite management, rather than providing any metabolic magic.

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