Tips to Keep in Mind Before a Full Body Lift Surgery

A full body lift surgery is usually undertaken by patients who have gone through excessive weight loss in a short amount of time causing excessive sagging skin and loose tissues. This surgery is generally longer than a normal body lift. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when opting for a full body lift surgery -

1. Your weight needs to be stable because weight fluctuations interfere with the overall results of the full body lift surgery. Most of the plastic surgeons suggest waiting for at least 2 years after reaching your goal weight to opt for the surgery. This time gives your skin enough prep and time to adjust to the body lift and helps in ensuring you do not regain any of the weight after the body lift.

2. Go for this surgery only if you suffer from excessively sagging skin, fat and drooping tissues on your body. If you have a higher percentage of fat, the surgeons usually recommend losing that fat before surgery.

3. Being healthy is the most important thing to keep in mind before any surgery. A healthy body and good vital stats help in ensuring the surgery goes smooth and the recovery time is minimum. It also ensures that you are fit for anesthesia for the surgery. A high protein and vitamin diet helps to fuel the recovery process.

4. Your mental and emotional well-being is of utmost importance when undergoing a full body lift. This is mainly because surgeries can be very stressful for the body and mind. For some patients, this turns out to be very tasking and a long emotional roller-coaster process so it’s best to keep a positive outlook.

5. Don’t plan a pregnancy shortly after a full body lift surgery. This can completely reverse all the work of the surgery and you will end up exactly where you started. This will also make the surgery completely redundant and a waste of money.

6. Keep all your past medical records handy when meeting your surgeon for a checkup. Your surgeon needs to know the restrictions in your surgery and if any areas need special focus during the surgery. If you have undergone a bariatric surgery for weight loss, it is important to get your specialist’s approval so that the plastic surgeon can process with the surgery. This also helps the surgeon team up with a good nutritionist for your health and safety prior to and after the surgery.

Don’t drink or smoke excessively and try cutting down on your vices months prior to the surgery. Alcoholics have a hard with anesthesia and require higher doses which can sometimes be dangerous. Smoking on the other hand reduces lung capacity which can be fatal during a surgery.