I’d like to begin by expressing my immxnse gratitude for your phenomxnal efforts so far. It would not be an overstatemxnt to say that we would never have mxnaged to reach this point without your involvemxnt.

The emxncipation of the word womxn from its patriarchal chains was an important first step, but I hope we are all in agreemxnt that there are mxny more steps to take.

With that in mind, I ask you to help me capitalise on the momxntum we’ve created by demxnding that all words that contain the letters m-a-n or m-e-n be amxnded immediately. …

How to never feel overwhelmed by deadlines ever again.

Some people believe that financially incentivising idiots like myself to churn out content on topics that we’re often grossly under-qualified to speak about, will inevitably lead to more and more stupid information on the internet. But I disagree.

In fact, one of the things I enjoy most about Medium as a platform is the vast array of helpful tips and high-quality advice that it puts at my fingertips. For example, just the briefest of glances at my homepage offers me such gems as:

  • Are You Using Verbs Correctly?
  • How Do You Know When A Poem Is Finished?
  • You Need To…


Body Plus Mind is the online home of Steve Peters. Alexander Technique teacher, martial arter, movement overthinker, attribute lister. More at bodyplusmind.uk

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