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I’d like to begin by expressing my immxnse gratitude for your phenomxnal efforts so far. It would not be an overstatemxnt to say that we would never have mxnaged to reach this point without your involvemxnt.

The emxncipation of the word womxn from its patriarchal chains was an important first step, but I hope we are all in agreemxnt that there are mxny more steps to take.

With that in mind, I ask you to help me capitalise on the momxntum we’ve created by demxnding that all words that contain the letters m-a-n or m-e-n be amxnded immediately. We must give them no room to mxnoeuvre.

No longer will we tormxnted by this affront to our sensibilities. No longer will we meekly perform mxnial tasks and mxnual labour. No longer will we allow our very language to be mxnipulated.

For too long the establishmxnt has controlled our mxntality, they have stigmatised our mxnstruation, they have even policed the status of our hymxns. They try to tell us which mxnnerisms are acceptable, which garmxnts are appropriate, they fill our heads with self-limiting notions of romxnce. Well I say enough!

What more powerful statemxnt of protest could there be than amxnding the spelling of a few words? How better to ensure that our daughters and our daughters’ daughters, never have to endure this mistreatmxnt?

I won’t lie, implemxnting the changes recommxnded in this documxnt will be difficult. Especially if we wish to make them permxnent. Lamxntably, we may lose access to certain amxnities along the way. We will need to make changes to entertainmxnt, mxnufacturing, perhaps even medical equipmxnt and treatmxnt. We will face harsh judgmxnt from those who fail to understand the importance of our work.

But if we no longer wish to be mxnipulated, if we ever hope to mxnd the damage that has been done, certain sacrifices must be made.

Speaking of sacrifice, I’d like to end this mxnifesto by mxntioning something that has been weighing on my mind. I’ve seen the numerous commxnts about my name, I’ve heard the questions about whether it’s fitting for a womxn in my position, and I can’t help but agree that updating it would be an improvemxnt. Let this change be a testamxnt to my commitmxnt to the movemxnt.

Now is not the time for sentimxntality. Now is not the time to cling to old attachmxnts. Now is the time for womxn to cemxnt their place in society. To rise up at long last and demxnd that the governmxnts make amxnds for their failures. That they give us the freedom to exercise our fundamxntal right to misspell things.

This is our momxnt.

Yours Sincerely.


Body Plus Mind is the online home of Steve Peters. Alexander Technique teacher, martial arter, movement overthinker, attribute lister. More at

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