iTap: why you got to try a new drinks dispensing system?

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The Boel company from Novosibirsk, Russia created iTap — a new system for no-foam drinks dispensing. Although the innovative design was developed by the company engineers, Boel doesn’t hide the fact that they have thoroughly analyzed other popular no-foam dispensing systems of previous generations: PEGAS, WinTAP, RUN, and others. Alex Solovev, the Chief Development Officer, told us how iTap is going to compete with well-known brands.


The Boel’s new device is a durable system that will serve for a very long time if used correctly:

• The casing is made of flexible ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, chemical formula (C8H8)x•(C4H6)y•(C3H3N)z) — it’s an impact-resistant thermoplastic for food equipment based on acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

• All nondetachable components of the construction are safely connected using the ultrasonic bonding method.

• The construction uses the concept of English taps’ locking system, which is long-lasting and low-maintenance.

Drink Quality

Washing and sanitizing the equipment is crucial for bars, breweries and beer stores. Neglecting it may lead to lower beer quality and a place will lose customers.

• The clamp-lock can be removed to wash and sanitize after dispensing and then installed back with a single move.

  • The itap2 construction has separate pipes for 2 types of drinks without mixing them

Speed and economy

The back-pressure release valve construction and the internal design allows to fill a PET bottle 30% faster and the amount of draining product is cut in half compared with the previous generation devices, which is confirmed by the yearly tests on a range of Siberian factories in 2016.

Easy to use

Bright and balanced design with highly-economic elements and intuitive pouring control.

• 2 clamp-lock positions to hold bottles with different bottleneck length during the filling.

• The clamp-lock fixation mechanism is smooth and precise.

• Filling a bottle with CO2 gas is done with a simple short push on the «red button».

• The pouring handle fixes the position, doesn’t require a multiple choice.

  • The devices have no cartridges in it.

Tested Result

The Boel developers collected all feedback and recommendations during the test sales in 2016 and applied it to modernize the product. Now iTap is a de-foaming dispense device, tested by customers for over a year and the retail loyalty level is high.


Currently, iTap products are sold in Russian Federation and Former Soviet Republics by the official distributor.

The iTap dealership program was launched in April 2017: you have a chance to become the only Boel representative in your area.






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