How to Run a Host on Sia
David Vorick

I strongly advise everyone against trying Sia hosting. WARNING this is NOT for hobbyists. Unless you’re 100% committed for the long term and you can be certain you won’t have any down time, Sia hosting will cost you.

I have a machine I never use with some spare GBs and thought I’d rent it to Sia users so I setup a host a few weeks ago using Sia-UI. I had to buy Sia crypto in order to unlock hosting and start to accept ‘contracts’. Fine, I bought 2200 Sia and set it up with the default settings and left it.

A couple of weeks on, I have 2 contracts (with a potential payment of 3Sia!!) and Sia currency keeps being deducted from my wallet, with no reason given! I believe it’s because my host has gone down. However, there are no notifications other than a small note in the interface saying ‘Host Unreachable’. I have no idea why it’s unreachable as all other network software works perfectly fine. Including Storj, which is setup on the same machine.

After noticing that there’s a problem, which I’m unable to fix, I tried to stop ‘Accepting contracts’ only to realise that I have been hooked into something I can’t get out of. Sia’s WARNING is: ‘Stop accepting contracts? You must keep Sia-UI open until the existing contracts have expired otherwise you will lose collateral.’

Great, so now I have to keep Sia-UI open, despite being unreachable, meaning that I will lose collateral one way or another.

Well done Sia developers for a trap well designed.

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