Beluga Pay Token Information and Offering System

As one of the most trusted systems for purchasing in this modern day, the Beluga Pay had done many things for the better worldwide transaction. Therefore, there are some rules and regulation regarding the system of the token information. Many people still confused on how to receive the right answer for the payment method. Thus, here we will talk about it little further.

Beluga Pay Token Information

The Beluga Pay token usually called BBI (Beluga Banking Infrastructure) token can be used in several useful ways depending on the partners’ choice. The Beluga Pay full services will become the leader in new purchasing systems. It can be used for not only business matter but also common people to support their modern lifestyle.

This is important to save the date of the pre-sale, which has 20% available, and begin on November 1 until November 30. Moreover, the ICO’s core segment will be available from December 1 until January 14. On these available days, the BBI tokens reach 100,000,000, which the 40,000,000 is for sales matter. The rest of token will be used to develop the marketing, partnership, and team interest.

Token Used and Offering of Beluga Pay

The brilliant token used of Beluga Pay can be shown as here. The membership of Beluga Pro can use BBI token in one-month services. It offers better-advanced analysis and quicker achievement rates than non-BBI-Gas deposits.

Furthermore, the settlement also works faster than the common user. It works in 3 days for the maximum time limit. Then, BBI token can be used as a chatter of direct trading deposit, which allows the business boss to pay their employees, share more and covering urgent charge for better and safer approach.

Thus, the BBI token also only receive a low amount of purchasing methods that are only 0.5% for all. Moreover, the BBI token holders can earn more Beluga Points, which is 1.25 points for 1,000 BBI; 1.5x for 10,000 BBI; 1.75x FOR 25,000 BBI; and 2x for 50,000 BBI.

In order to have a clear explanation about the token information, you can follow or look at several official Beluga Pay website or its official social media in Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and more. The Beluga Pay is absolutely a useful system that allows many people to live an easy life with faster and saver payment method. You can make your life better by trusting your purchasing ways on Beluga Pay team who has gained more than enough worldwide financial effort.

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