The State of Angular and the Due Date of Version 5
Dor Moshe

So Angular version 2 was radically different from version 1. Did we skip version 3? Is version 4 a continuation of version 2 or another independent version? As a developer I am not excited about having to keep up with three or four or endless versions of one script language.

Client: ‘Do you know Angular?’

Me: ‘Which version?’

Client: ‘We are using 1 but some projects are using 2 and some 4’

Me: ‘Well I’ve used 1 but learned 2 and mostly use that now’

Do we know if we are on the same page anymore? Not really and this sort of thing is causing more confusion than necessary.

Can we have a clear direction for Angular with a learning path toward the future? Is there any effort being made with the IDE tools to help convert version 1 to 2 to 4 and so on? Sort of what they did with Java 8 in IDE tools to help convert older Java code versions so they could take advantage of new features when they want to.

I just don’t get the versioning objective from the Angular team.

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