CenterParcs has great wifi in their lodges, however you need to click through a connect screen to join it, meaning you can’t directly connect devices like Chromecasts. If you have an Android phone, this can be easily overcome.

1. Connect android phone and create a hotspot

Firstly, connect you android phone to the Wifi in your room. You will need to click “Connect” on the screen that pops up. Once the wifi is active, enable “Hotspot” mode on the phone.

On the latest versions of android, the hotspot simply repeats your wifi connection rather than trying to using any data service.

2. Connect a second device to the hotspot

Using another device (not the one being used to create the hotspot), connect to the hotspot wifi network. …

Medicine is at an historic crossroads. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already revolutionising industries in ways that are making the health sector look lethargic. Yet there are valid ethical and patient focused reasons that justify the unwillingness of doctors to embrace AI. How do we step into the future while respecting the traditions of the past that have made medicine the most trusted profession?

I am a GP and every day I think of novel ways we could be using AI in healthcare to make me better at my job and deliver better care. …

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Babylon GP at hand have published graphs appearing to illustrate their prescribing of antibiotics as being low compared to the national general practice rates. The data they present is quite accurate, but quite probably misleading.

The implication is that Babylon GP at hand are prescribing appropriately and efficiently for their patients. However, this data does not support that conclusion.

Their antibiotic prescribing rates are generated using something called STAR-PUs for antibiotics. The STAR-PU model was most recently generated in 2013 to allow comparison of general practice prescribing rates for antibiotics, factoring in the different demographics in each practice. In a nutshell, a practice population is divided into segments based on their age and gender and each segment gets a different weighting, this is then added together to produce the STAR-PU population (denominator). …


Mike David Smith

Doctor working in North East England with a keen interest in technology

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